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About ETS

ETS was created in1989 as the Esso Research Centre for the Exxon group. Established as a Research & Development facility for fuel and lubricant analysis.  Analysing fuels and lubricants in both mechanical and engine testing environments. ETS started to become active in the racing and motorsport environment.

ETS established themselves as the official fuel supplier for the Peugeot 905 program at the 24 hours of Le Mans endurance race.

In 1997, ETS became an independent company, and immediately started to develop speciality fuels for the wider range of motorsport racing applications.  Utilising their intimate knowledge of fuel and lubricant technology, to develop racing fuels for the wider racing industry.

With a passion for Motorsport, the ETS team develops products and services  to meet customers demands in the highly competitive range of motorsport disciplines across the world.

ETS has the skill to assist their customers with engine and chassis dyno tests, to optimize settings, to maximize the fuels performance. 

ETS's goal is the victory of the teams using ETS Racing Fuels.

Results speak for themselves:

More than 15 World Championship Titles, in disciplines such as Superbike, Moto GP and Motocross Racing, Jet Ski & Rally.

Strong, and long term partnerships reflect ETS ability to be a technical leader in the development of high performance, high technology racing fuels for the motorsport industry worldwide :

Suberbike & Supersport:         Team Factory Honda Tenkate since 2003

Motocross:                             Team Factory Suzuki GRP Geboers since 2003

                                              Team Factory KTM US

                                              Team Factory KTM Europe

Rally Auto IRC/ERC:                Team Factory SKODA, Team Peugeot Sport

Jet Ski:                                    Team Victory Dubai

In order to achieve these results, ETS Racing Fuels use very different methods than its competitors, to manufacturer these high quality, high technology racing fuels, which is often more expensive:


The ETS Racing Fuels blending factory is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Our Methods of blending and production, supply and delivery, are subject to regular audits from external agencies.

Each Production batch is analysed by an independent laboratory to certify the fuel quality and specification compliance.

The ETS "small batches manufacturing policy" avoids any long term storage, which ensures "fresh" product.