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Simon Evans wins with ETS Racing Fuel

Simon Evans & Co Driver Ben Searcy win Quit Forest Rally in the Beast ...




MX / SX Racing Fuel


100MA-3 is our especially designed MA homologated Racing Fuel for Motorcross & Supercross Bikes

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KTM Factory Motocross Team renews Partnership with ETS Racing Fuels ... 


Drag Racing

ETS Racing Fuel - P14 Drag Racing Ford XE Rob

Rob's XE








Choosing the right Racing Fuel

Most people believe that the octane number of a fuel will determine which is the best fuel for them, believing the higher the octane the more powerful the race fuel. The octane number is not a value of power, and therefore many people will be surprised to know that a 104 octane unleaded fuel can easily outperform a 109 or 110 octane unleaded fuel in many cases! As each engine, each racing application is different, selecting the right race fuel, is determined by a wide range of factors.


If you provide us with the information we need, we can provide you with expert advice from our chemical engineers. 


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